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Are you a personal fitness trainer, lifestyle coach or nutrition specialist looking to expand your client base or wanting a unified solution for managing and training your current clients? We can help!

If this sounds like you we'd love to have you on our team! With Train by Revofit you will get the platform to manage your client's training and support them to accomplish their goals, create and price your own packages, access to free marketing and the ability to manage a full client load with all your client's data, workouts, progress and communication in one place! Apply here

A Revolutionary different way to Train!

Train by Revofit is leading the way in online personal training. With the world moving to a digital age, we’ve built an opportunity for you to feature not only your fitness expertise, but yourself directly to our paying consumers. The platform allows our users to select a trainer based on their goal, and lets them connect directly to you on a simple, easy to use platform for workouts, diets, and supplement tracking - so you can keep a tab on them, set benchmarks, and make a difference no matter where you are. The platform is built to allow you to train multiple people at your own pace and flexibility, without compromising on your daily routine.

What you get as a Revofit trainer

Get Listed, Get Promoted, Get Clients

Get listed on our platform the way you want, we'll market you & other trainers to our users based on your area of expertise.

Chat with Your Clients

We'll give you access to chat with your clients, set your hours and help you help them hit their goals.

Manage Multiple Clients Seamlessly

We'll give you a dashboard where you can seamlessly assign workouts, and diets to your clients, and track everything they do.

Why Trainers Choose Train by Revofit

A robust platform to manage your online training business

Comprehensive functionality covering everything from assigning dynamic workouts and comprehensive diets on the fly. Track your clients progress and keep a tab on your revenue as well!

Work on your on schedule, train clients from anywhere

Your clients can be from your gym, or from another city. With Train by Revofit, you can train and coach your clients anywhere, anytime, communicate effectively, and do everything on a single platform, so it doesn't matter if you're travelling, unwell or even if your client is - the training doesn't stop!

State-of-the-art training and coaching platform

Our team of expert fitness specialists and engineers have come together to build a platform that helps you build high quality fitness routines at scale. From creating workouts from our growing list of over 500 video based exercises, to our large database of over 50,000 multi cuisine dishes, as well as calorie burn, calorie intake, BMR, BMI data and other health metrics all plugging into our platform, making your job easier! We take trainer feedback seriously and make improvements on a regular basis!

A marketplace for you to be featured

We understand that you have limited access acquiring clients. We're opening that up as an opportunity to feature yourself, what you do, and what makes you special amongst other trainers based on your specialisation, pricing, and expertise. Even better - We're marketing you to a growing list of users, looking for one-on-one coaching no matter where they are!

Be your own boss. No gym required, no hidden fees

Train by Revofit allows you to coach your clients digitally, so there's no need for a physical gym, or the associated fees you incur. Go offline when you want, train people effortlessly, and create your own training packages. Don't worry about the accounting - we've go that covered with quick reimbursements and complete accountability of your revenue.

How to get started


‍A few personal details is all it takes. Start your application today. Apply now!


Explore the platform, and get acquainted with how it works.

Craft Your Offering

‍Create your packages, and tailor your profile they way you want! We will feature your profile in the app and send users your way!

Train & Coach Your Clients

Build relationships with your clients based on the progress you fuel via your Trainer Dashboard and text chat.

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What to expect

  • Nationally or Internationally recognised personal training certification
  • ACE, ACSM, K11, or GMSA etc
  • Must own or have weekly access to computer/tablet
  • Reliable internet connection
  • 4+ hours available per week to coach and train clients
  • Verifiable Bank Account / PAN / GSTIN (If any)
Application process
  • Application: 10-15 minutes
  • Sign up by hitting Apply Now
  • Fill in all personal contact and certification details, and your account will be created
  • We will reach out to you to create your listing profile and packages
  • Sign your contact/MOU digitally
  • Start getting clients seamlessly and watch your income grow!